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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When buying a ping pong table

Recently I took my son to watch a game of ping pong which is called table tennis plays by his close friend against other school in a ping pong competition. There are sixteen schools left to fight for who is going to be this year champions. The game was play in a big hall with three singles and two doubles. His school was emerge runners up and lost to last year champions in the finals. When we reach home my son ask me whether I can buy him a ping pong table which he can plays with his friends. Tips on buying a good ping pong table.

When buying a ping pong table decided the places where you want to leave the table. If you prefer to leave the table at its place permanently then choose table with strong stand. If you are moving or closing every play then choose the table with rollers to allow easily movement and fold up model. Tables should be one inches thick tops as its an even bounce. Legs should be very strong so it would not move when playing and the height must be thirty inches from the floor.

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