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Friday, March 21, 2008

Buying your first ping pong table

If you want to own your first ping pong table there are many option that you had to look into it. How much is your budget for the ping pong table or it is just for training, exercises or just for the fun of playing. How often do you and your friends are playing with it. If you are playing everyday for competition. It is wise to get a good ping pong with the right woods and size and that can last you for a very long time. If it is just for the fun of playing and exercise, get one within your budget.

Most people whose house has limited space to leave the ping pong table permanently while some prefer to fold the table and leave at the corner of the room when not in used even if the house has ample space to stay permanently. Decide whether you are going to leave the table set up permanently or whether you will be frequently packing it up and putting it back.

If you decide to let it stay permanently It is best to buy a competition table which is one inch thick top as these tables give you a nice even bounce. If you want a set that can easily be taking up and down when not in used. I suggest you should get a set preferably a fold up models that can be fold and with a rollers which allows easily movement and brakes on the rollers which prevent the table from moving when playing.



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