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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Buying a ping pong table for your clubs

With land space are limited nowadays where most people stay in high building apartment buying a ping pong table to put at home for exercise is out of the tropic. Most people joined clubs or build their own ping pong club among their resident in their apartment. When buying a ping pong table for your clubs it is best to purchase a good quality ping pong table as it will last very long.

Tables must be without rollers as tables with rollers will tent to spoil fast and second reason is, with roller ping pong table, resident will move it here and there very often and will cost the roller to spoil.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When buying a ping pong table

Recently I took my son to watch a game of ping pong which is called table tennis plays by his close friend against other school in a ping pong competition. There are sixteen schools left to fight for who is going to be this year champions. The game was play in a big hall with three singles and two doubles. His school was emerge runners up and lost to last year champions in the finals. When we reach home my son ask me whether I can buy him a ping pong table which he can plays with his friends. Tips on buying a good ping pong table.

When buying a ping pong table decided the places where you want to leave the table. If you prefer to leave the table at its place permanently then choose table with strong stand. If you are moving or closing every play then choose the table with rollers to allow easily movement and fold up model. Tables should be one inches thick tops as its an even bounce. Legs should be very strong so it would not move when playing and the height must be thirty inches from the floor.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Buying your first ping pong table

If you want to own your first ping pong table there are many option that you had to look into it. How much is your budget for the ping pong table or it is just for training, exercises or just for the fun of playing. How often do you and your friends are playing with it. If you are playing everyday for competition. It is wise to get a good ping pong with the right woods and size and that can last you for a very long time. If it is just for the fun of playing and exercise, get one within your budget.

Most people whose house has limited space to leave the ping pong table permanently while some prefer to fold the table and leave at the corner of the room when not in used even if the house has ample space to stay permanently. Decide whether you are going to leave the table set up permanently or whether you will be frequently packing it up and putting it back.

If you decide to let it stay permanently It is best to buy a competition table which is one inch thick top as these tables give you a nice even bounce. If you want a set that can easily be taking up and down when not in used. I suggest you should get a set preferably a fold up models that can be fold and with a rollers which allows easily movement and brakes on the rollers which prevent the table from moving when playing.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Table tennis table as asian called ping pong table

Ping pong table is make of woods and the stand is either of wood or steel. The tables is paint of green colours with white paint lining at the edge of the ping pong table, the centre where the net is putand a center lining of each size of the tables. The tables that requires by the table tennis federation for all competition are 14 meters long, 7 meters wide and 5 meters high for all games playing. The ball which is white of colour and has a diameter of 40mm and make of celluloid and the ball is hollow and light.

Table tennis which the Asian people prefer it has ping pong is play by two or four person. This sports is widely known throught out the world. Europe countries are very good with this sports, Sweden is one of the best countries for this sports. The sports is play where a players hit a ball with rackets back and forth to each others on the table. The winners will first touch 21 points a two points must be separated from the winners. A deuce will be called it the points is 20-20. Whichever the players gots two point are the winners.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tips on how you want to win on a ping pong table

Playing ping pong when you are small is like enjoing a game and a hobby to you. When you grow up you will take it as sports and you would want to win most of the time in school so that you will feel proud and be admired by your schoolmate and the school teacher. I started to play ping pong as the western mostly called table tennis when I was in a primary school, althought I respresent the school but I didnt take it very serious because I love playing scoccer more then ping pong. In fact I am the best ping pong player in the school and was advice by the sports master to take it serious, later I did and my game was improving and was represent my state when I was in the teen age but I left the sports after one year for some reasons.

Here are some tips on how you want to win on a ping pong table. First you must love the game and keep practicing on your weak points. Practice make prefect. Put a few hours per day in practicing and always try to play the game with players that is better then you or your senoirs. When ever you are not playing, watch your opponents, people very good in the game and also world class players on the video. Take a good look at how they play and what openings you can exploit in their game.

Never give your opponents a change, keep on attacking right till the end even if you are leading very far, cause a mistake might cause you the game and you could find yourself at the losing end. Develop various styles of serving with differing lengths and spins. Change your serving if you notice that your opponents is very good in it. Returning serves with your forehand keeps your opponent on their toes as they find it harder to predict the placement of your shot.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Playing pingpong in the primary school

I started playing pingpong when I was in Primary school because it is one of the cheapest game in sports and beside you and your one friend can start a game compare to soccer, hockey, basketball where you needs alots of people to play in a game. Badmington and tennis is quite expensive game to us during that time where the racket is quite costly and the shuttle cocks needs to change quite often.

In our school its provide two pingpong table with the nets all you need is to bring your pingpong bats and a ball and you can start your game. We had yearly tournermont of the same groups age and a open ages. The winners will represents the school with others school. I came out in the champinons in both groups and I represent the school for three years. In my last year in the primary school I became the champinons of all primary school in my state and was the sport captain.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A game of ping pong

A ping pong table is play by two or four players. Single is play by two players while doubles are play by four players. Whoever first reached 21 points are called the winners. If it is a deuce two points must be separated from the players. The games goes as it players had to hits with a plastic ball with a pingpong paddle to one another. If the balls goes out of the table you will lose a points and it goes on until the first player to reach 21 points.

If you are intreasting in buying a ping pong table you can get it from sports shops or throught internet online. A set of ping pong tables comes with a net and two iron net holders that clips on the centre from the right to left of the table. The cost of the ping pong table depends on the materials and the woods.