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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tips on how you want to win on a ping pong table

Playing ping pong when you are small is like enjoing a game and a hobby to you. When you grow up you will take it as sports and you would want to win most of the time in school so that you will feel proud and be admired by your schoolmate and the school teacher. I started to play ping pong as the western mostly called table tennis when I was in a primary school, althought I respresent the school but I didnt take it very serious because I love playing scoccer more then ping pong. In fact I am the best ping pong player in the school and was advice by the sports master to take it serious, later I did and my game was improving and was represent my state when I was in the teen age but I left the sports after one year for some reasons.

Here are some tips on how you want to win on a ping pong table. First you must love the game and keep practicing on your weak points. Practice make prefect. Put a few hours per day in practicing and always try to play the game with players that is better then you or your senoirs. When ever you are not playing, watch your opponents, people very good in the game and also world class players on the video. Take a good look at how they play and what openings you can exploit in their game.

Never give your opponents a change, keep on attacking right till the end even if you are leading very far, cause a mistake might cause you the game and you could find yourself at the losing end. Develop various styles of serving with differing lengths and spins. Change your serving if you notice that your opponents is very good in it. Returning serves with your forehand keeps your opponent on their toes as they find it harder to predict the placement of your shot.