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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Playing pingpong in the primary school

I started playing pingpong when I was in Primary school because it is one of the cheapest game in sports and beside you and your one friend can start a game compare to soccer, hockey, basketball where you needs alots of people to play in a game. Badmington and tennis is quite expensive game to us during that time where the racket is quite costly and the shuttle cocks needs to change quite often.

In our school its provide two pingpong table with the nets all you need is to bring your pingpong bats and a ball and you can start your game. We had yearly tournermont of the same groups age and a open ages. The winners will represents the school with others school. I came out in the champinons in both groups and I represent the school for three years. In my last year in the primary school I became the champinons of all primary school in my state and was the sport captain.