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Friday, April 28, 2006

penut butter and jelly sandwich

You know how to make a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich, right?

It's easy to you, you probably never
even have to think about doing it.
Making one is "part of who you are".

You maybe even dream about everything
you want to do being as easy to do as
making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Wouldn't that be the easy life!

What about somebody who has never
heard about a PB&J sandwich. If you
asked them to make one they would stare
at you with that lost look in their eyes.

But if you showed them how... you take
2 slices of bread, spread peanut butter on
a slice of bread, spread jelly on the other
slice of bread and them put them together
and you have a PB&J sandwich. Mmmmm good!

They got it now! And very quickly the
ability to make another PB&J will be a
part of "who they are."

The 11 BANABU Principles is as easy
as PB&J when you it's part of YOU.

And, just like making a PB&J sandwich, with
this course you can quickly learn how to use
these 11 Principles so you too can start
living the life you want and dream of having.

Read the story of Mike Kemski and
how to apply his 11 BANABU Principles
of success by ...

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Warmest regards,

Patric Chan



Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ten Thousand Dollar Business Building Giveaway

Ref: Why Would A Sane Man Give Away $10,000 Of
His Expert Time & G-Zillions Of Dollars Worth of
Proven Business Growth Strategies... All Gratis?

Some people may think Jay Abraham is crazy to
invest freely in you. But he thinks you and your
business are worth it.

He grows businesses and builds bottom lines for a
living. He does it by finding you overlooked
possibilities, hidden assets and under performing
activities in whatever business you do. He does
it by improving the marketing you use and
changing the strategy you follow.

Jay can show you how to mine windfall bonanzas
from situations you don't currently take
advantage of. You'll learn to engineer more
success and profitability into every action you
take. You can make better bottom line-boosting
decisions. Jay Abraham has, can, and will show
you how to do it all --- with no fee to you.

Could your business efforts be overlooking the
obvious? Jay has helped people double, and
redouble their business' income. Just by better
maximizing every action, expense, or time
commitment they make.

His ideas have produced over $7 billion of income
increases for famous business people around the
world. His past clients have included Tony
Robbins, Brian Tracy, a founder of Fed Ex, the
creators of Chicken Soup For The Soul, three
major business publications, and twelve of Inc
Magazine's top entrepreneurs of the year.

Typically -- clients pay Jay $5,000 an hour for
his time. But they receive literally tens of
g-zillions of dollars worth of
business-increasing concepts, tactics, and proven
strategies in return.

Success, Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur and
Investor's Business Daily ALL wrote articles
about Jay's mind or methods.

Now Jay would like to multiply YOUR business
income, too-- totally at his expense.

Join Jay, as my guest, on a special 2-hour
teleclass he's doing gratis.

There, he's promised to give you the same $5,000
an hour-worthy: concepts, strategies, and revenue
increasing insights to turn your ordinary
business into an extraordinary money-maker... at
absolutely no fee to you.

The size of your business doesn't really matter
to Jay. What matters is the potential for your
business to grow and prosper. The type or
industry you’re in doesn't stop Jay's concepts
from working, either.

He's helped retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers,
distributors, service companies, professionals,
high-tech, start-ups, publications, you name it.

How you currently sell or market makes no
difference, either. If you want more income,
certainty, control…and less stress, let Jay
Abraham give it to your business --- totally

So why would Jay want to give YOU these valuable
and proven insights--- gratis? Is he insane? Is
there a catch? The answer to both questions is a
resounding "No!"

You see, the reason Jay is conducting this
extensive two-hour teleclass -- without fee to
you -- is very straightforward:

He has found that educating high energy,
growth-oriented business owners and professionals
(at Jay's expense) is good for his high priced
seminar business. And in early May, Jay is
conducting a once-a-year SuperSession, three day
live event. So he wants to introduce you to his
concepts, today.

But whether you become an attendee or not doesn't
really matter to Jay.

You see, many people listening in on the telecall
WILL become attendees and receive a six figure or
seven figure financial windfall from attending.

But some of you will prefer to simply listen,
learn and freely use Jay's ideas and strategies
to multiply your business income on your own. And
that's alright with Jay.

Why? Because, as your business revenues and
earnings start to explode --- people all around
you will ask how you've done it. You’ll tell them
about Jay Abraham. Then they’ll turn into
attendees for Jay's seminar next year and in
years to come.

Also, you may decide to take part in Jay's appealing
Home Study version of the program, instead.

Maybe now you can see that getting you "monster"
business success is in Jay Abraham’s best interest.
When you succeed, Jay succeeds even more.

Now that you understand the method to his
madness, you can see that not only is Jay Abraham
NOT insane, but he might be the sanest person in
the room. Let me explain.

First, realize that when someone of Jay Abraham's
status invests his expert time, experience, and proven
knowledge in you --- great things usually happen.

You'll vastly expand the marketing approaches you
use. The selling systems you apply will be
better. The marketplace opportunities you go
after will expand.

Your business revenue, income, success,
bottom-line wealth will ALL significantly
increase: because Jay Abraham extended himself
and acted as your mastermind marketing mentor.

You will learn to come up with breakthrough ideas
that catch your competition totally by surprise.
Jay will help make your business the recognized
innovator in your industry or market. .

All this from the two hour teleclass call Jay is
doing for us --- FOR YOU... totally gratis.

So it seems logical that the only people who do
not take advantage of this…gratis, no downside,
two-hour teleclass (containing literally
g-zillions of dollars worth of proven action
oriented, earning-certain business strategies and
concepts)... must be insane.

As a business owner, you probably have no idea
how much more revenue you are leaving on the
table in overlooked windfalls or hidden earning

That's why --- to ignore this rare proposition
--- could be a sign of a mental disorder.
Because… you'd have to be crazy NOT to listen to
Jay's ideas from the comfort of your office or
home telephone.

The business press says Jay goes right for the
bottom-line jugular in everything he does…and
they're right! Call him crazy, but to people like
Jay Abraham --- business building is a serious,
no-nonsense, perpetual business.

People come to Jay for breakthroughs in
marketing, strategy, moneymaking and competitive

When you use what Jay wants to teach you ---
gratis --- in his two-hour teleclass, you could
realize the same stratospheric and impressive
financial results.

Think about it: who else is offering you
money-for-nothing: marketing lessons for no fee.

My challenge to you is a follows.

Don't just assume that your business situation,
earnings forecast or income level has to remain
the way it is. You should question the approach
you're taking, the strategy you're following and
the promotion or marketing methods you are using.

The point most people miss is that your
possibilities, assets, activities and capital can
produce far greater results---IF you improve the
way you use them.

If your business income-prospects have seemed
somewhat disappointing lately—that can quickly

If you want to start generating better-than-expected
bottom line earnings every month (earnings that can
realistically multiply every year), you'll be generously
rewarded by being on Jay's teleclass call. Indeed,
while many of your competitors are forced to take
pay cuts your income can grow and prosper.

Jay wants to turn your attention to the
money-making processes that do the most for your
bottom line. .

He'll tell you what activities really matter most
and where you're wasting time and effort.

These thoughts and ideas are normally only shared
with Jay's high-paying, private clients. But this
one time --- Jay wants to share them with you ---
totally, gratis!

If your business has been stressful, erratic or
challenging lately---come on this teleclass call
and discover marketing methods that have created
business fortunes.

Realize this: propositions like Jay is making to
you don't come along every day.

So if you'd like to learn the system Jay Abraham
uses to turn ordinary businesses into true
fortune makers for their owners---be on this
teleclass call.

One more point. And it's important.

Since Jay's goal here is to convince you to
attend his seminar in early May, he ALSO wants to
send you 12 different business building gifts.
These marketing "presents" will come separately
over the next ten weeks. They are prosperity
tools, each capable of earning your business more
than the entire cost of attending Jay's event.

Jay wants to do everything in his power to pay
for your seminar attendance for you --- before
you ever have to decide, commit or attend!

You "Chan" DO IT!

- Patric Chan

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